Van Parts to adhere to new EU legislation

Taking effect from November 2012, there will be a new EU legislation requiring all tyres to carry a label, indicating their performance in three relevant areas; fuel efficiency, wet performance and noise. Tyres can vary substantially in these areas and therefore the new legislation will give the consumer an opportunity to make an informed choice based on knowledge in these areas, in order to make a more accurate decision on what tyres are best for them.

Tyre companies have already started to set to work on this, with a huge amount of grading needed between now and November to prepare the many thousands of tyres on the market in order to be in compliance. Many skeptics have critised the legislation due to the fact that it will be the tyre companies themselves with the task of grading their stock, rather than an independent body. However despite this, it’s extremely good news for the industry and consumers alike to have some set standards and a bench mark grading system. It is the intention also that this legislation will in years to come eliminate some of the poorer performing tyres, particularly in areas affecting safety.

Van Tyres EU Rating Chart

The label will look similar to those already being used on many appliances and new cars, with a grading system between A-G; A being the best and G being the worst.

Different tyres have varying levels of rolling resistance and this impacts fuel efficiency. Tyres with low rolling resistance will provide better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions

Wet grip is a critical area for tyre performance and what many motorists do not realise is that tyres vary hugely in this key area meaning that the braking difference between a quality tyre and a poor performing one can differ by as much as 10 metres in wet conditions.

Some tyres are noisier than others. As per the new legislation, the level of noise emitted from the vehicle is required to be displayed, in decibels, on the label. Quieter tyres will make for a quieter driving experience and will also reduce noise pollution.

Despite the skepticism around the usefulness of these labels, this legislation will revolutionise the industry, providing a useful way to compare tyres and therefore ensuring that motorists can make an informed choice when purchasing tyres and showing the benefits of choosing a quality tyre.

Wonder if this will spread to other Van Parts?

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