Volkswagen eT – A vision on the van of the future

Whilst it won’t be hitting the showrooms any time soon, those clever Gurus at Volkswagen have unveiled something rather special this week, at this years Tokyo Motor Show, teaming up with the German Postal Service, Deutsche Post, and the University of Art at Braunschweig to bring to us it’s vision on the van of the future- the eT! mail van.

Volkswagen eTThis clever piece of technology will not only enable a huge reduction in fossil fuels used by the postal service, but will enable a postman to call it from down the road to come to his command!

Volkswagen really are showcasing the maximum technology possible with this clever electric vehicle and see this as a break through in addressing future customer needs and technology advances.

The van, powered by individual electric wheel-hub motors, features some really clever technology, not least that it can be driven semi-automatically, by standing up, from the passenger side or in fact without being present in the vehicle at all! The van for example would follow a postman down the street as they delivered mail from house to house, or drive to them from down the road with just a simple voice command as “follow me” or “come to me”.

Volkswagen eT interiorThe driver will be able to use a “joy-stick” from the passenger side and also has a standing seat, both making deliveries faster and more efficient and unnecessary walking movements a thing of the past.

This van is a taster of what we could expect from the leading van manufacturers in the future, a sign that technological advances and innovative functions are needed in order to change the way we work for the better and revolutionise the lightweight commercial vehicle market.

Volkswagen eT Van PartsIt’s not just the postal service that would benefit from this revolutionary vehicle, variants of the eT! could be designed for all conceivable business users. Whilst there are no immediate plans for production and is currently described as a research vehicle, the eT! could be a viable model in fleet sales in years to come. Of course, when it does, you know where to come for your Volkswagen Van Parts don’t you ;)

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