Top Vans Revealed

What Van? have revealed their top van choices in their 2012 Van Awards. The prize for “Van of the year” goes to the It’s proof that electric is the future and a fantastic option which won’t break the bank. A great feature of this van is it’s price- under £17000 and still offers the space that’s needed.


Whilst this wouldn’t be suitable for every business, city-based companies and those not covering a huge daily mileage could really benefit. The Kangoo has two specifications for body length and a 44kw motor (similar to 60bhp). In traffic this van is excellent although not so suited to long distances as the battery normally lasts around 106 miles. One area to look at if you are interested in a purchase, is that the battery does not come included in the price, rather it is leased. There are different packages available though- something to suit everyone, with over twenty to choose from. By leasing, Renault will ensure 75% charging capacity and breakdown cover for dead batteries. Similar to the current Kangoo and, with a price to suit many budgets, there’s another great benefit to choosing this van- it’s relaxing drive due to the very low sound output, a calm silence in fact. This van is a great example of modern technological advances.

The best small van tag goes to Vauxhall Corsa Van, mainly due to it’s low emissions and fuel consumption. The award for light van was given to the Fiat Doblo Cargo with it’s improved fuel and payload consumption and a great rear suspension system. An enjoyable drive at a reasonable price.

Vauxhall Corsa Van

The best medium van award goes to the Euro5 Ford Transit van. Whilst it is a little pricier than it’s older version, Ford have made improvements to fuel consumption, noise and now has a new six speed gear box. For the best large van, the award goes to the Iveco Daily- a well built van with great handling.
Euro5 Ford Transit Van

The best pick up goes to the VW Amarok, which copes with both on and off road terrains and all weather conditions extremely well. There is an automatic eight speed version available towards the end of the year. The best 4×4 van goes to VW Caddy Maxi 4Motion. As far as van conversions go, the Citreon Ready to Run takes top pick whilst the Vauxhall Ecoflex was deemed the best green van.

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