Motorists are cutting down on driving

High Fuel Costs Influencing Motorists Driving Habits

article-new-ehow-images-a06-d9-4e-self_employed-van-driving-jobs-1.1-800x800As fuel prices have risen consistently in recent times, and in fact doubled in the last decade, the price of fuel has influenced many motorists driving habits. There are some who have found the cost too much and have traded their cars for public transport. Others have cut down on the amount of driving they do, favouring walking or cycling where possible and shorter journeys over those longer distances.

Has the cost of fuel been a deciding factor in a journey you have made? Have you changed your plans because of the cost of fuel?

If the van is a necessity for you, what can you do to reduce your fuel bill? Certainly perfecting your driving techniques will ensure fuel economy and consumption.

Crude oil prices have risen dramatically since 2003 and this is a major factor in the fuel price hikes. Just 10 years ago, petrol could be bought at the pumps for 76 pence per litre. Van Parts are still expensive too.

It is fair to say that fuel costs are a wallet-busting issue and with the price oil not set to change any time soon, it is something we will have to live with.

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