Keeping your van clean

Go on…confess…do you pay attention to the hygiene of your van or is the thought of cleaning your van regularly somewhat of an unpleasant one?

As a whole, the majority of people do struggle to keep their vans clean and very few people clean their vans because they want to or enjoy it. For many, getting someone else to clean their van for them is a much better solution, even though a cost is involved, rather than do this job themselves.

sexy girls and vanPaying for a professional clean can be quicker and more efficient, after all, they are experienced at their jobs and have the correct tools for the work.

The state of uncleanliness can creep up on drivers, and very quickly a couple of takeaways, and a few choice items can suddenly make what was a clean interior something in need of TLC.

There seems to be a different in sexes, with women being more likely to pay for their vehicles to be washed than men. Of course the cost of cleaning depends on what’s needed… a simple wash is a small amount when compared with a full valeting service which is more time consuming and not needed as frequently.

There’s a difference in the generations too. Younger people are more likely to pay for cleaning services. So, in the era of convenient and fast pace, are we moving to a more lazy generation with each year that passes? Do you wash your vehicle?

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