Keeping Safe on the Roads This New Year.

Driving in Snow

The holiday season is a very busy time of the year and this certainly applies to our roads. At this time of the year the roads are particularly dangerous with statistically more accidents and deaths being recorded on the UK roads than at any other time. How safe you are is of   course dependant on the accident and also the type of car you are in.

Location wise, the hotspots for accidents are in the bigger cities such as London, Brighton, Birmingham and Glasgow, however most areas show an increase at this time of year.

One of the reasons for this is busy shoppers with a lack of concentration, however a heightened increase in drink drivers is also seen. You might think that your typical drink driver is those who have consumed over the limit and drive home on a night out but it is also those who drive the morning after and do not stop to consider whether or not they may still be over the limit.

This year is a busy time for visiting family, friends and socialising with many get-togethers and parties. All drivers need to be vigiliant of the amounts of alcohol being consumed and whether they are fit for driving at any time.

The weather also plays a part in accidents at this time of year with rainy, icy and snowy conditions all typical.

So if you are planning a trip this new year, remember to drive sensibly, ensure you plan the journey well, do not rush, be vigiliant of others, never use your mobile phone whilst driving, check the car before leaving and always keep to the speed limits.

Happy New Year from Van Parts 4U! The worlds number one online Breakers Yard!

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