Van Sales Plummeting in 2012

New car sales for 2012 are on the up. However that cannot be said for the van market which has seen a huge decrease this year, particularly in April, with new van registrations seeing a slide to 14,508 units, nearly 20 per cent lower than the figure seen for the same period last year. Pick-ups and sub 2 litre vans are the worst affected out of all of the categories, with only 4×4’s showing a slight rise.

2011 was a good year for van sales which could account for some of this years slow performance, however there are a number of new sophisticated and technologically enhanced vehicles due to hit the market by storm in the near future which will be important for the sectors growth.

Ford remains on top of the market as leader in this sector, followed by Volkswagen, with Vauxhall not far behind in third place.

So with van sales appearing to be plummeting this year it seems that many people are holding on to their current vehicles. We’ve already seen an increase in customers purchasing their van parts online to keep them in service and that is something that we are delighted about – naturally of course ;)

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