Axone 4 Diagnsotic Unit is Launched!

Vehicle Diagnostic specialists Texa have launched their latest unit, their “flagship” Axone 4. What makes this unit superior is its technology…lots of it! The impressive touch screen is an eye-catching 9.7” and has high quality graphics – an impressive 1024×768 resolution. The touch screen is all you will need, with the on/off and multifunction buttons being the only physical ones on the unit.

Axone 4 Zoom Diagnostic Unit

What makes the Axone 4 special is its advanced technological equipment, with the ability to provide unrivaled assistance to the mechanic through its help center call functions. Texa can remotely access the vehicle, to make any required changes or inspections, all with use of an internet connection.

Access to updates and online services are all available through Wi-Fi. The unit can also connect to a smartphone, allowing access whilst on a journey. Other features include a VGA camera and a huge database of tables.

Axone 4 Van Diagnostics

For a limited time, Texa are offering the Axone 4 at a special price and trade-ins with the earlier model, Axone 3, are being accepted. This type of equipment will reduce repair bills, vehicle fuel and workshop downtime and ultimately improve customer service.

And when it tells you somethings wrong and you need spare van parts you know who to call right? ;-)

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